Personalised contact cards

Full Colour Personalised Contact CardsPersonal Contact Card

There’s no reason contact cards should only be limited to business people; after all, sharing your details is necessary in many everyday situations. Our personalised contact cards enable you to put all your information neatly in one place so you’re never again rooting around for scraps of paper and a pen. Printed in full colour in a design that suits you and your personal taste, they look great too!

Personalised Cards for all Occasions

Maybe you’re a busy mum and need to share your details with other parents; or maybe you want to create a contact card your child can carry with them. Perhaps you run a local sports team, community group or crèche, etc... and want to pass your information onto members or parents; or maybe you’ve recently married and want to update people with your new shared contact information. If you’ve moved house recently, personalised contact cards are a great way to let people know your new address. Whatever you need your personal contact cards for; they’re a helpful and stylish way to stay in touch.

Easy to Create Impressive Contact Cards

It couldn’t be simpler to create your personal cards, all you need to do is contact our sales staff 0 (+44) 7855 351 321 where you'll be able to discuss your requirements. From there we'll do all the hard work, adding the design, images, photo or map and including your contact details and getting them printed in the format you desire. All of our cards are printed on quality card stock (350 g/m²) in full colour too so get ready to make a great impression!


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