Protecting your privacy

identity protection

Your privacy is of high importance to us. Domain Privacy Protection stops your personal details being displayed by replacing them with ours. You remain the legal domain owner and any enquiries for your domain are forwarded on to you. This service is FREE of charge as long as you've purchase your domain name through us.

Reasons to Protect Your Details 

◾Keep personal details private

◾Reduce spam and unwanted eMail

◾Avoid ID theft

◾Hide your address

◾Protect against fraud


Are your details open to misuse?

When you register a domain name your contact details become publicly accessible in an online database called WHOIS.  

The WHOIS database displays details such as your name, address, eMail and telephone number. This information can be searched by anyone - including spammers mining for eMail addresses and fraudsters looking for identities to steal.

ICANN, the international governing body requires that all registrations provide full contact details (WHOIS) for all domain names registered. This allows the rapid resolution of technical problems and permits the enforcement of consumer protection, trademark and allows law enforcement agencies to identify owners of non reputable domains.

Privacy Protection

Domain Privacy Protector stops your personal details from being displayed by replacing them with the details of our privacy service.

Your details remain on our files as the legal domain owner and any enquiries for your domain are forwarded on to you. eMail sent to your Domain address will be forwarded on to your eMail so that legitimate mail e.g. transfer notifications will still get to you.


How to get Domain Privacy Protection

New Domains - FREE

When you purchase a domain name through us you'll receive Privacy Protection FREE as part of the service. We will register your domain through our account. Our company details will be then be attributed to the domain registration and WHOIS database. You still remain the legal owner and all legitimate correspondence will be eMailed to you.


Domains Registered in Your Name - only £4.55 per year

For a domain you already own: If you want to add Privacy Protection to a domain you already own,  simply send us an eMail request this service through this link This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and we'll arrange for it to be implemented.


Keep Us Up To Date

It is essential that you keep your contact information up to date, especially your eMail address and contact number to ensure that you receive mail from us. You can update your details by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send a text message to our support line on 0 (+44) 7855 351 321.

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