eMail: FREE with all our web hosting packages

Desktop screen with webmail on itAll of our Web Hosting packages come with a FREE eMail Service. It lets you keep all of your eMails in sync across multiple devices and provides you access to our very own Webmail so that you can access it anywhere in the world (requires you to be online).

Sync Across Multiple Devices

Keeping your eMails synced across multiple devices used to be a major drama. Not NOW.... by configuring each of your devices to use IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) you can keep everything in sync automatically. Now whenever you receive mail they will automatically be sent to your home desktop, your Webmail account and your mobile device/s. You can configure the settings in MS Outlook, so as you delete mail on your desktop it deletes it in your Webmail account. You can also set time limits on mail so it'll be automatically deleted after a specified time or retained if your going away and want to receive a copy on your desktop on your return.

Webmail eMail Anywhere

All our hosting packages come with Webmail, it lets you access your eMail anywhere there is a web browser and an internet connection, which is great when you're travelling or can't get to your computer.

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Store eMail Even Longer

You never know when you might need to pull up old eMails. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in hardware and storage that allows you to keep those important eMails around for as long as you want, the size of your mail box is only restricted by the size of your hosting package and your usage. Our regular packages range from 250MB - 2GB and can be associated with between 10 - 100 accounts. If you require more we can provide it. Why not give us a call 0 (+44) 7855 351 321 or send us a message.


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