On-line (Digital) Business Card

Marc Homes Training On-line Business CardAs the name suggests, an on-line business card is just that. It’s a basic business card that people can view on-line. We’ll create a single page reflecting your branding where you can share your company contact details with potential customers. And best of all the service is absolutely 'FREE'. All you need is a basic hosting package (£4.11 per month). And as a 'NEW' customer you'll also receive 1 years 'FREE' subscription to a domain name (.co.uk) of your choice. NB. restrictions may apply on popular names.

This package is ideal for sharing your business details on-line. Share it with all of your contacts on Facebook, Twitter or any of the social networks. You can create a link to your on-line card through your eMails. We'd also recommend adding your on-line business card link to your printed business cards to make sure your contacts have a way to learn more about you and your business.

So what’s the difference between an on-line business card and a web site. An on-line business card is a single static page. It should have your company contact details on so that potential customers can easily get in touch. Whereas a web site is made up of many articles, images, media, banners and pages all of which possess a wealth of information about your company, products and services, etc., more design flexibility, the option to add additional pages and more exposure in search engine results. And most sites are built with dynamic pages that users can interact with.

This may be your first step to creating your business's web presence. Since your on-line business card is located on a server, naturally it'll have a web address. And should you ever consider developing a larger web presence you can use this address and server space to develop a web site.

If in the future you consider expanding your page with products and images or want to sell online, it'll be a simple step to move to a fully functioning web site, whether it be a Custom Web Design site or an Advance Content Management System (CMS). Simply send a message or tel. 0 (+44) 7855 351 321 and we'll do all the hard work for you.

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